Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crimes Against Poker

Vacate the bracelets. You bet your ass I just went there.

Pete Rose is never going to go into Cooperstown for less.
USC Football is going to lose a BCS title for less.
Michigan Basketball and the Fab 5 have lost an entire season's wins for less.

The examples go on and on of individuals and institutions breaking the rules to gain a competitive advantage. Lederer, Ferguson, Furst, and Bitar's shenanigans, though, blow away just about every booster, point shaving, and cheating scandal combined. In my opinion they have committed treason against the industry and should receive the poker version of the NCAA death penalty.

If Caesar's Entertainment has the least shred of credibility and caring about the WSOP brand, they will strip these 4 of all bracelets they have won over their careers and ban them from ever competing under the WSOP banner again.

Maybe once every dollar is paid back to the players (fat chance), I may reconsider my position. Most likely not.

And there go another 5 minutes of your life you're not getting back...

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